Two Hearts Are Better Than None

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Re: Two Hearts Are Better Than None

Post by kurookami on Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:19 pm

The girl's grin sent Xatu's head reeling with fury. He gave a curt bow to the king and spun on his heel, long strides taking him briskly to his quarters. He felt like he could spit fire. Saddling me with this idiot girl, this impulsive fool? I will never get any of my own work done. His head was spinning. And now I can't even travel at the speed I wanted to go at... He opened his bag and started roughly packing his clothes. Despite his anger, he was careful to keep them neatly folded. I'll just have to lose this maniac at the first opportunity. Maybe I can go just a little faster, ditch her... no, I'd have to still wait on her to catch up. I wouldn't save time at all. He gritted his teeth and took a breath. There's no choice. The King's orders.

He finished packing and headed to the stables. Kiirus was housed in his own building, as his scent tended to upset the horses. ♪Hello hello,♪ he chirruped, stretching languidly and nodding his head happily at Xatu. He was the least intelligent of Xatu's dragons, but could understand rudimentary conversation.

Xatu put the panpipes to his lips. ♪Hello Kiirus,♪ he played. ♪We are going on a trip.♪

Kiirus clattered his teeth together excitedly. ♪A trip! Good! Ready!♪ He leapt to the tack wall and slid into his harness. Xatu walked over and tightened the straps, then attached his bag to the back of the saddle. He then swung himself up and over to land comfortably on Kiirus' back.

Kiirus stepped proudly out of his building and into the courtyard of the stable, his white scales gleaming in the sun. Xatu sat, impassive, waiting for his travelling partner to show up.

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Re: Two Hearts Are Better Than None

Post by amarilloo on Thu Oct 25, 2018 4:21 pm

Tepo’s ears pricked at the distant sound of a flute drifting in through her window. It was pretty and lilting and it was over before she had a chance to really enjoy it. she hummed it again to herself as she finished packing.

“You’re not going to get yourself into trouble are you?” Tepo heard Dulce’s soft steps enter the room before she heard his voice, “The man in the king’s hall didn’t look too pleased about the idea of traveling with you.”

“I’m not going to do anything.” Tepo answered testily without turning around.  She felt Dulce’s arms wrapped around her shoulders from behind with a swift peck to her hair.

“I’m just worried about you, you know that,” he said quietly before Blanca jumped them both by putting his arms around them making absolutely no noise entering the room. Tepo groaned as he put his weight into them both.

“She’ll be fine.” He assured Dulce, giving them both a squeeze before releasing them, “Won’t you Tepo?”

She slung her back over her shoulder and turned around to give them both a confident smile. “I’ll be back soon enough, you won’t even miss me,” She guaranteed them and gave them both a clap on the shoulder, “Wish me luck!”

Walking briskly away from her companions before they could fawn over her any more she heard Dulce faintly wish her luck.

She skipped steps still humming the short tune she had heard at the window before making her way to the courtyard and the stables. Blanca promised she could take Brisket with her for the trip. She hated to separate him from Sirloin, but he was the more reliable of the two Kirin and she would. Not. Cause. Trouble.

He calmly let Tepo bridle him and saddle him and leaned into her hand as she gave him a sugar cube, perking his ears at the tune she was humming. She led him out of the stables and walked him into the daylight, the sun hitting his iridescent scales impressively. Turning into the courtyard and toward the front gates she saw Xatu sitting passively, waiting for her. She guessed he probably heard her humming as she approached or at least the sound of hooves on cobblestone but he just wanted to ignore her. She bristled. Caught between guilt about the day before and his curtness she was lost on what to say. Tepo cleared her throat.

“Uh, I don’t know if I was formally introduced or not…” She started rustling through her bag looking for her peace offering. “I’m Tepo.”

She pulled a slip of paper out of her bag and offered it to him. It was a runic healing spell she had Blanca show her how to draw. She was still a bit lost on the mechanics but at least she had finished it this morning.

“I really am sorry about yesterday, I can get a bit… overzealous… I guess.” Laughing mechanically her arm started to prickle the longer she held it out without him taking the paper. Brisket pulled at his reins, snorting and trying to tug her away from the enormous beast that Xatu was mounted upon. She side-eyed the dragon, making a brief moment of eye contact as her laugh trailed off anxiously.

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